Moondog: Adoption

Support a dog. Adopt a moondog.

We need your help to send 444 moondogs to the moon. Moondog holders can claim a free voxel shiba(after sellout)

Our mission at moon dog adoption is to find a home on the moon for all 444 of our dogs. We have the latest bark-ology on the blockchain. It is our mission to try to save one real-life dog for every moon dog adopted on the blockchain. We’re partnering with Lucky Dog to help find homes for these dogs in need.

How we do it.

10% of royalties go to luckydog.
Once all 444 moondogs are adopted, we will make the voxel Shiba available for moondog holders.

Discord: vincent_ws#7647


Dollars Donated


MoonDogs Adopted


Dogs Saved

About our Partner

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has saved 20,000 at-risk, homeless, dogs and cats since 2009. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is a volunteer-powered nonprofit dedicated to rescuing homeless, neglected, and abandoned animals from certain euthanasia and finding them loving forever homes. We educate the community and all pet parents on responsible pet parenting, including the importance of spay/neuter, obedience training, and good nutrition.

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Norton Juster